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Echolearner.com LLC is a small specialty press focusing on the macabre. We publish between five and ten titles per year. We accept submissions in the genres of science fiction horror, and occult horror which are well thought out with good character development.

Submissions: Undead-Earth, PO BOX 1051, Pennsville NJ 08070


Found a TYPO or have a suggestion for "Getting Out of Jersey" or "Living Dead in Delaware"?

Send your TYPO or suggestion and get an honorable mention in the back of the book if its accepted on the next revision. Please send the page number and correction as text only. Please allow 10 business days for a reply. If you feedback is really helpful we'll send you the next book in the series as a gift.

Send TYPO or Suggestion.


Want to Blog?

We accept movie reviews and anything involving the undead in general. There is no payment for accepted articles, but we will be more than happy to provide a letter of recomendation based off your writing and provide a reference. If we really like your stuff we'll send you early copies of books and maybe some swag like a tee...

Send sample as a .txt file. Only links to youtube will be accepted at this time. (Security reasons) Any files not sent as a .txt attachement will be deleted.

Send Sample Blog Post.

If you submit several quality pieces and desire to be a staff writer we will give you access to our blog directly.

Want us to review something you've created? (books, movies, youtube videos)

Send us a link to the youtube video as the full text.

Good example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM

Bad example: Don't send embedded links like this WATCH THIS - we won't click on embedded links for security reasons.

Mail us a copy of your movie or book at:

Undead-Earth Reviews, PO BOX 1051, Pennsville NJ 08070