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The Red and the Gray

With a lethality of 99.9999% there were only roughly 690,000 people left alive on Earth afterwards.  The virus spread quick. Some died quickly, some died slowly.  They all came back, and they came back hungry.

Ridley Park, PA

When Jim saw the first news reports he knew.  All the books, all the movies, all the video games - it was something he and his brothers jokingly called the Zombie Apocalypse.  He used to talk about winning the lottery – would he believe it if he won? 

Would he have to convince himself he wasn’t asleep? When he saw the video footage on Huffington Post of the shambling crowds in Chicago dragging people down, biting and tearing, he had a bemused sense of certainty. No convincing needed.  It was just…real.

He boarded the house up in a hurry, took a sledge to the steps to the second floor, cut out the steps to the attic. Nothing could get in unless it could climb a ladder. He always pulled the ladder up after him.  He was secure.

He could see them from the attic window.  Every night they were out there, every day they were out there.  Trudging slowly in the street, in the back yards, like they were waiting.

His stomach rumbled. The few supplies he had were long gone.  He needed food and water.

He almost made it to the grocery store.  He fainted a hundred feet from the broken plate glass window of the Acme.  Mercifully he was unconscious when they descended on him.  He died hungry, he arose hungry, undead.





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