The Red and the Gray - Volume 1.3

San Francisco, California

Gina turned the faucet on quickly. A slight, dry, cough of air came out, then nothing. She looked around the kitchen at the containers. Every bottle, vase, tub, bowl, cup she had unpacked were filled with water.

"Ok, all the containers in the fridge are filled, everything out here is filled, the tub is most of the way filled. I have 3 cases of bottled water in the pantry. What am i forgetting? I could-"

Something thumped softly against her apartment door. She had made the mistake of looking through the now taped over peephole the first night, she wouldn't repeat that. Seeing the distorted peep hole version of her new neighbors devouring what looked like pieces of the night doorman wasn't something she needed to see an encore of.

Take the big promotion in San Fran her sister had said. It will be good for you to get away from New York, Kris, her best friend had said. So she had taken it.

Moved 3 days before the Apocalypse. Great timing. Guess i dont have to worry about starting the new job. Ha. Silver-lining in everything. Dont mind that everyone you know or love is probably dead. Oh not again

She sobbed quietly for a few minutes and wiped her eyes with the edge of her t-shirt.

No more crying loudly.

Gina thought about her neighbor.

After the frantic phone calls and emails back and forth to her sister and friends when it really dawned on them this was happening she had been on her balcony overlooking 22nd street really crying, almost wailing when she saw her first undead.

The balconies between apartments were about 10 feet apart. Her next door neighbor Alice or Alex or Alicia never was good at names - thought i had plenty of time to get to know everyone shuffled out on her balcony.

Gina had quickly dried her eyes and started to apologize when Starts with an A neighbor turned sharply at the sound of Gina's voice.

"Sorry I was -"

Starts with an A's eyes were a filmy gray and there was a smear of blood across her cheeks and forehead.

Gina stood.

Starts with an A took a quick step toward Gina, hit the railing, and flipped over the side, silently falling the 4 stories to the concrete below.

Gina looked down and could see the wide dark stain below.

She could also see Starts with an A crawling back towards the building on shattered mishappen legs.

That was bad.

What was worse was turning around and seeing Starts with an A's boyfriend or husband standing on their balcony with a large gaping hole in his stomach. His white dress shirt stained a deep maroon from where Starts with an A had her snack, the end of his cornflower blue tie occasionally getting caught in the wound. His eyes were a filmy cold gray and his hands were outstretched reaching for her while he gnashed his teeth.

If those balconies were connected...

The room darkening brought her back to the present. She walked in to the living room and adjusted the mirror that had hung with her dresser set. Her apartment faced west - she could see the Pacific in the distance. It was the reason she had chosen this place. She lessened the angle of the mirror from where it was leaning against the wall - making it taller. This helped to capture the last few minutes of the setting sun and paint the apartment a reddish gold.

Hope is that color. You work in finance - worked in finance - run the numbers. If you are alive then others must be. You can't stay here forever. Other people means life, happiness, laughter - whoa horsie - getting ahead of yourself there. If you unlocked your door you would be...eaten. Think.

Before the power had gone out she had watched all the cable news shows. ( her real estate agent had cable and phone ready the day she moved in ) They reveled in the gore and shock value but she had gleaned a few facts. Don't get bitten and Destroy the brain were the two primary facts. She remembered a scientist from the CDC having a nervous breakdown on CNN saying 99.9% over and over before they cut to a commercial for Chia Pets.

That would mean a lot of survivors. Break it down in to manageable chunks and solve each step. Safety, Supplies, Survival.

Safety first. Against the zombies and against others who might not be... civilized.

Gina sat down slowly on the floor of her new apartment and began to work it out.





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