The Red and the Gray - Volume 1.5

Abilene, Texas

Rob wasn't practicing good gun safety practices.

He had one hand on the steering wheel of his pickup and the other was clutching his colt. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but every time the tears would threaten to blur his vision he'd use the back of his gun hand to clear his eyes. The world was falling apart, he was very clear on that now. Just getting out of town he'd seen ten more of those things. He knew most of them, it was a small town, but he refused to name them. That seemed wrong. They weren't people anymore.

And yet, with everything falling apart, he was crying because the last time he'd taken Route 36 to Abilene was with his daughter. A part of him tried to rationalize. Maybe it was better his wife and daughter died the week before when their house burnt down, but even thinking about thinking about the thought sent a stab of pain through his chest. No matter how bad it was, or was going to get, he would have wanted them next to him, crammed into the front of his truck with him.

Sobs wracked his chest as he tried to suppress the thoughts.

Abilene had started as a random destination. Rob was actually heading south on Route 36 when he started out, but a pile up on the road made him turn around. A dozen undead were struggling around the wrecked cars, fighting to get bits of meat out of the tangled mass.The closer he got though, the more organized his thoughts became.

The mind is always recording.

"Thank you Mr. Mervin," Rob said bitterly for putting the thought into his head over twenty years ago.

But it was true. He'd started out toward Abilene because it was the path of least resistance, but the closer he got the more he thought about the Dyess Airforce Base.

Rob had lived in a very structured and ordered world for his whole life. He believed that if he had survived, there must be others. The thought that he was the last living, breathing, human was not something he could afford to think about, even for a moment.

There would be other survivors, and he was sure he would find them at the Airforce Base. Men and woman like himself, survivors looking for structure and safety.

The clouds in the distance slowly resolved into billowing, puffy expanses of smoke.

Half of Abilene was on fire.



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