Top Undead Comedies


Zombieland (2009)...5 Out of 5 Graves

Most awesome zombie movie ever, period.


Shaun of the Dead (2004)...3 Out of 5 Graves

If this one strikes you as funny you'll love it, if not, you'll change the channel.












Seventh Moon (2008)...3 Out of 5 Graves

On the verge of greatness, but missing it with too much fast camera work and no boobs.


Action Movies


Faster (2011)...5 Out of 5 Graves

Simple enjoyment at its best.


The Book of Eli (2010)...4 Out of 5 Graves

The power of righteousness backed up by swords and guns.


Salt (2010)...3 Out of 5 Graves

Philip Noyce should double Angelina's pay or saving the movie.


The American (2010)...2 Out of 5 Graves

Starts out with promise than rapidly gets on the train tracks heading to blahville.


The Eagle (2011)...2 Out of 5 Graves

Please just give me a sword and battle movie with a minimal plot if that is what you showed me in the commercials.


Battle: Lost Angeles (2011)...2 Out of 5 Graves

Best build up with teh worst movie.


Best of the Worst


Undead (2003)...2 Out of 5 Graves

Worth it just for the ass guns.


Date Movies


The Kids Are All Right (2010)...2 Out of 5 Graves

A horrible commentary on relationships - it really had nothing to do with the kids.


Winter's Bones (2010)...3 Out of 5 Graves

Great acting showing how brutal family life is in the Ozarks. It just fell short on the overall story for me.




The Other Guys (2010)...3 Out of 5 Graves

Best line: "We're cops, hit the chopper."


No Strings Attached (2011)...5 Out of 5 Graves

Unexpectedly funny, I was dreading sitting in the theatre for this one but it turns out I loved it.



  1 out of 5 Graves...Unless your brains already been consumed by the undead you should change the channel. Don't even bother to share this with someone wearing a zombie ate my brains teeshirt.  
  2 out of 5 Graves...The content is formulaic and unoriginal, but if you've had a beer or two you can sit through it. You might be able to watch this with a fellow fanboy of the genre.  
  3 out of 5 Graves...Not bad, an enjoyable way to spend a rainy day. Its a fifty-fifty shot as to whether someone not into comics will watch the movie with you.  
  4 out of 5 Graves...Better than average, with a good story and characters. Your princess loving girlfriend will watch it with you and not bitch about it.  
  5 out of 5 Graves...I paid to see it in the theatre and pre-ordered it as soon as it was available on itunes. So good your girlfriend will recomend it to her friends without realizing its a "horror" movie.  


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