About the Authors:

Undead-Earth Series:

MP Esham

The author started writing at an early age, penning his first novel before the age of sixteen while hospitalized for a chronic condition. While that book never saw an editor's desk, it started a lifelong dream that stayed with him until "Getting Out of Jersey" hit the market, almost twenty years later.

The author has had various jobs over the years, and has done everything from teach Cardiac Anatomy and Science at a major teaching institution in Philadelphia, to driving research and development at a major multi-national, while winning multiple patent awards. He considers his boys his greatest accomplishment.

The author can trace his love/fear of science fiction horror back to lying in bed across from his brother as a child and listening to the train go down the tracks. His brother would gleefully tell him that the train was shooting alien pods into the neighborhood as it passed. The author would hide under his covers thinking of ways to fight the hordes off, and has never stopped.