Put You In A Jar

Little kids can be so innocently creepy at times.


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Zombie Summer eBook Sale!

Get the best selling Zombie series during the Zombie Summer Sale!!!


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Friday – The Truth Via SpongeBob

It is creepy how many levels this show has.


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Bad Parenting – Sadistic Edition

Mmmm, no. Crying babies are no fun.

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Cheating Girlfriend

Look, I don’t think this is cruel at all. The girl got what she deserved. If you cheat you deserve to get tortured. If anything this wasn’t cruel enough. Cheaters suck.

And the crazy beech wants sympathy at the end? Because she’s trying to “hold her life together?”  I hope she lost it.

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My Team – Robin Hood Edition

Zombies are attracted to noise. Guns are loud. Bows are quiet. Any girl who can pull a Robin Hood and double stack an arrow is the girl I want on My Team when the sh*t hits the fan.


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Bad Gun Handling – 12G Handgun Edition

Do you know why they don’t make 12G pistols? Because the pistol would jump out of your hand when you fired it unless you were Hellboy. So is it a surprise that this fellow got a face full of stock when trying to one hand a shotgun? Not really.

Don’t be dumb, its a gun, not a toy.


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Hot Zombie – In The Woods

This is exactly what you want to find when you’re walking through the wood right?

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When A Day At The Park Goes Wrong

This is why we must always be vigilant. You never know just when the outbreak is going to start.


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Teen Wolf Season 4 – Episode 9

Episode  9, Perishable

Summary: If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3.

Episode 8 left off with a twist. Who wouldn’t need to see a body to know if the person was dead or not? A Banshee. And for an added twist we find out that Lydia’s grandmother was a banshee and that she may not be dead.

Episode 9 kicks off with Parish zip tied to his car’s steering wheel while another deputy is pouring gas on him. The other deputy wants the 5 million. Bad deputy puts his headphones in and throws his lighter in. Parish screams and they cut away.2014_TW_S4_E9_ParishFire

Back in the precinct Bad Deputy tries to collect and just as he is hoping to get his wire transfer a nearly naked Parish comes in to beat the crap out of him. (We still don’t know what Parish is though.)

And of course the burning (no pun intended) question is – would you kill a co-worker for 5 million dollars?2014_TW_S4_E9_ParishFire2

Unfortunately the Sheriff gets winged in the shoulder during the beat down that Parish gave to Bad Deputy, and while he and Stiles are in the hospital the Stilinski  money troubles come out – at least until the morphine kicks in. And at the same time Scott & his mom are having money troubles Scott has the bag of money under his bed. Why wouldn’t you use it to fix a few things?

At Lydia’s, we find out a long strange tale of Banshee evil’s at her lake house.

While all this is going on, Liam is loosing his mind. He keeps seeing the monster he fought on the roof and he is beginning to wig out. The night before his printer went nuts and started printing out the names of everyone on the list – but now Liam’s price has sky rocketed and Derek is worth 0 because I don’t think he’s a werewolf anymore – he’s just a human.

At the bonfire the kids are going nuts and they have a massive bonfire and a DJ, you know, just like a normal high school shindig. Scott is policing the place, but so is the creepy dude from the mental institution. Malia is there, and she is trying to get drunk, which makes me mad because she should be with Stiles – not out partying and trying to drink her troubles away.

Back at the nut house Lydia and Stiles are bribing one of the orderlies to get into a file room. As they bribe him for the key they see the tape the orderly has, and they should have taken that as a sign to run – but instead let him lead them into a closed room where he proceeds to use a stun gun on both of them.

At the party the wolves are trying to get drunk – but someone is doing something that is impacting the wolves. They are feeling it, but its not alcohol. Somehow the DJ is making Team Wolf feel disconnected and drugged. Which leads Scott to head for the DJ to try and shut off the music only to have himself incapacitated and carried out by “security” with the rest of Team Wolf. Directly inside so they can be doused with gas. Luckily, Liam’s friend realizes what is going on and pulls the plug on the DJ’s equipment just in time for Scott to come out of his stupor.

Back at the precinct Bad Deputy meets Derek’s new girlfriend, as well as a broken nos2014_TW_S4_E9_BrokenNose22014_TW_S4_E9_BrokenNose1

You have to love a girl who can talk with her fists.

I think the big thin we find out is that Lydia’s grandmother isn’t the bad guy – she was murdered by the crazy orderly at the nut hatch hospital. And then Lydia & Stiles almost get offed but Parish saves them just in time. But as the orderly is dying he is laughing, telling them that he was being controlled by someone else.

We then find out that Meredith is the Benefactor!2014_TW_S4_E9_Meredith

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Parish walking back into the police station and beating the crap out of Bad Deputy.
  • Statistically speaking, someone on your team has to be on my team.2014_TW_S4_E9_Hotty1 2014_TW_S4_E9_Hotty2
  • Stiles – “You read that movie?” When Lydia tells him she used to read “The Little Mermaid” with her grandmother.
  • Derek kicks ass even when he is just a human. He took down the guys at the school with just his fists.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Poor Stiles and his dad. It sucks to be under water on your bills, and sucks even worse to add medical expenses on top of it all.
  • Why wouldn’t you pay some bills with the money under Scott’s bed? I don’t see the big moral issue with using it. It was blood money. It’s not anymore.

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