Best Halloween Costume Ever

“I apologize for having a slutty costume, but it was just so cleaver.”

Ha, at least she’s being honest.

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Best Halloween eBook Choices!

Buy that special someone in your life the best Halloween eBook series of 2014!

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Best Professional Halloween Costume Ever

I have this feeling there is a “team” who put this together, but still, the end result was pretty nice.


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My Team – Full Auto Girl

You have to love a girl who can handle the big guns.


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Bad Gun Handling – Clear It Before Cleaning It

I am amazed that accidents like this still happen.  I hope Jose Conseco recovers. It is sad to see anyone hurt like this, especially since it is completely avoidable.

  1. Check your weapon before you clean it. Is the magazine well empty and is the chamber empty? If it’s a revolver, make sure all the cylinders are clear.
  2. Never put your hand in front of the barrel. Always treat a weapon like its loaded.

The other option is to lose a finger…(and I’m guessing most of us don’t have super models to take care of us afterwards).


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Hot Zombie – Amazing

Amazing on so many fronts.


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Reality You F*ckers

This is what you will get if you vote in the right. Financial ruin for the working class while the rich get to take home more money. Lowering taxes on the rich don’t create jobs, it just puts more money in the rich peoples pockets.

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This Really Is Amazing Growth

Carol’s character really has done a one eighty, and it happened so subtly and well that you never really saw it coming until it was right in your face.

And sadly, I said I would have put her down when Rick left her out in the world. But if it was for real, I think I would have put her down. It is too dangerous to leave potential enemies behind you.


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Scary Political Analysis From CNN Commentor

Sad, scary, but likely very accurate predictions as to what will happen if the right takes control of both the house and the senate. I just don’t understand how people can vote against their own best interests. And I know the right phrases things in ways that might sound good (reference the “flat tax” and regulation items below) but the average person should be able to see through this. It doesn’t help those of us in the middle class – it helps the rich and the ultra rich.

Here’s the GOP’s plan:

1) Tax cuts for the rich, although this proposal is usually couched in more pleasant language like “corporate tax reform” and “instituting a flat tax.”

2) Repeal Obamacare, so we can get back to the good old days where everyone is entirely at the mercy of their insurance company.

3) Deregulation, so corporations don’t have to put up with burdensome regulations like not spilling poison into people’s drinking water.

4) Build a border fence, so billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars can be funneled into the coffers of defense contractors.

5) Eliminate the last remaining vestiges of campaign finance regulation, so anonymous billionaires can funnel millions of dollars into elections to trick you into voting for the candidate who will turn give said billionaire massive tax breaks.

6) Pretend to care about jobs and the economy, because how else are we going to get you misguided plebeians to vote for us?

Original CNN Article.

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Awesome Kids Costume Transformation

This little girl wanted to be Dorothy two years in a row so her mom did something a little different for the second go around. Great job!

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