Saturday Movie – After Sex (2007)

Today’s Saturday Movie is After Sex – a funny and honest look at peoples sex lives that pulls on multiple strings. It is really a series of “shorts” that detail multiple aspects of sexuality across all spectrums of life. It is hot, sexy, inspirational, and funny.

I watched it with my wife and we both found it…nice. If you have kids wait until they go to bed and let me know if it has the same effect on you guys as well.


The scenes with Mila Kunis are worth watching the whole film for all by themselves.


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Best New Suspense Thriller Of the Year!

Get the Best New Suspense series of the year during the Fall eBook Sale – while it lasts.
Can Daniel survive the end of the world? Can he save his neighbors beautiful daughter in the process?

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Friday – Time To Hit The Bar & Spend Some Cash

Time to party!!!!!!


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Painted Horse To Go With The Painted Dog

Does the horse just stand there? Is this like getting petted for them so they enjoy it?


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Bad Gun Handling – Wear The Right Equipment

Ever see someone walking around the sporting clay range wearing flat soled shoes right after its rained? I certainly don’t want to be near them when they are shooting. And this is way worse. You see him take that little step back? He could have tripped and he still had his hand near the trigger at that point. He could have shot someone by accident.

If you are going to shoot wear the right equipment, and make sure it fits and is in good working order.


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Cops Are People Too

I don’t get why people get so upset over stuff like this. These guys put their lives on the line every day. Maybe cruising a little over the limit isn’t such a big deal?

And who knows how to handle a vehicle better at high speeds than a patrol officer?

Really, is this something to get up in arms about?

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My Team – Hot Looking 12G

That is one fine looking 12G. And the girl who can shoot it has to be on my team when the zombie apocalypse starts.


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Pranks Not To Play In States Where Concealed Carry Is Legal

The questions I really want to know:

  1. How many people got hit by cars when they ran into the street?
  2. Is concealed carry legal in PA? I think this was shot in Philadelphia. This could end badly, and would that be homicide? Or justifiable homicide?
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Monday – Time For Some Caffeine

It is Monday, time for some coffee.


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The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 2)

Episode 2, Strangers


Strangers kicks off right where episode 1 left off with happy reunions in the woods and Rick making friends with Tara, telling her she is a member of the “team” now.2014_TWD_S5_E2_TaraRickFistBump

Shortly after, Tyreese and Carol also make their peace – closing out some open story points from last season. They also close the gap between Rick & Carol – so for now all is good inside the group.

So now Team Rick and Team Save The World are together, but the people escorting Dr. Eugene Porter don’t seem to be trust worthy. Sgt. Abraham Ford seems to just be biding his time for something – and I’m not sure its good for Team Rick.


During the first night in the woods something was stalking the camp – possibly Morgan – but the next morning Daryl doesn’t find any tracks. As Team Rick is moving through the woods they hear screaming and run to find a preacher surrounded by walkers as he is trying to keep them off him on top of a boulder. His name is Gabriel, and he thinks the word of God is all he needs. (Of course fan’s of Teen Wolf will recognize him as the vet, Dr. Deaton.)2014_TWD_FatherGabriel

Team Rick clears the church that Father Gabriel has been hold up in, but they all need food and supplies. The Father has eaten through the food drive supplies that had been feeding him since the apocalypse started. Father Gabriel has cleaned out the local houses/businesses, but there is one building left that he hasn’t been able to pick over because of the walkers. Rick is sure they can clean out the walkers there, and he doesn’t trust the Father enough to leave him behind – so he’s coming along.

Bob tries to convince Rick that they are going to have to go to Washington to get Dr. Porter where he needs to go, and maybe even trying to warn him that Sgt. Ford is going to try and get there no matter what.

Back at the church Carol & Daryl are “making up”. In town Glenn, Maggie, and Tara scrounge from a gun store and Glenn finds 3 silencers. Hopefully they have pistols/guns with threaded barrels or they are useless though.

At the store Team Rick goes down into the basement to get supplies only to find that Father Gabriel panics and puts everyone at risk when Team Rick has to go and rescue him. When they do get back to the church Carl shows Rick some creepy stuff he found on the side of the church. Knife marks by the window and “You”ll burn for this” scratched into the paint.2014_TWD_S5_E2_BurnForThis

When we come back from commercial Sgt. Ford is toasting everyone as they eat from their newly found surprise, but it’s really just his opening to tell Team Rick that they really should get Eugene to Washington so they can use his knowledge to end the apocalypse. Judith votes to go to Washington and the rest of Team Rick agrees.

After they eat Bob wanders off, and I’m afraid he was bit. There is something strange and final about his kiss with Sasha.

Outside Carol & Daryl are checking on their backup ride when the car with the cross goes streaking buy. Daryl busts out the lights on their vehicle and kicks off a chase.

On the other side of the Church Bob has gone outside to cry – but is taken by the left overs from Terminus. They basically tell him they are sorry, but a man’s gotta eat – and they pan out to show that they’ve cut one of Bob’s legs off. And what the hell does – “You taste much better than we thought you would.” – mean? Does he look gamey? Or was that racist?

And clearly in the comic his happened to a different character:2014_TWD_S5_E2_LegOff

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Tyreese holding the baby. He is a huge dude but he loos completely comfortable holding Judith. It is very sweet.
  • “I called for help, and help came.” – Gabriel when he says that he doesn’t carry weapons and Daryl says something biting about the logic behind that.
  • Glenn, Tara, and the others telling Sgt. Abraham Ford that they aren’t going to split up with Rick – walking by him and saying “what he/she said” after Glenn kicked it off.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • Father Gabriel teasing Team Rick about possibly leading them into an ambush. Not smart – what kind of idiot tries to provoke a bench of people who are clearly on edge, and don’t want to lose their squirrels.
  • Wouldn’t the walkers in the pit where Father Gabriel lead them have rotted out soaked in water like that?
  • Do you really put people at risk to save the Father in the basement when he can’t defend himself. Can someone who won’t/can’t fight but is able worth supporting and keeping alive in that environment?
  • Come on – wouldn’t Rick realize that there would be some survivors from Terminus prowling the woods.

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