Survival Day 18 (Emergency Bucket Toilet)

You aren’t going pooping when the ZA hits. Sorry, its just a fact. The water will eventually stop running though and the sewers will back up. The miracle of the flush toilet will be a well cherished memory – especially if your stuck on the third floor of an office building and have to sit tight for a day – or three when the ZA starts. Which will make you really glad you put this Emergency Bucket Toilet in the closet in your office, and your house, and maybe even in the back of your truck for when you’re out in the middle of the woods.

Fill the bucket with TP and you’ve got a multi day emergency kit to keep you going. (Pun intended.) Trust me, this is one of those things you don’t want to be without. Imagine having to use the planter and the blinds as TP. Not pretty.

  • Use in place of digging a latrine
  • Keep on hand in case of natural disasters or even use when camping or hunting
  • Includes 5 toilet liners, and 5 toilet chemical packs. The toilet chemical packs contain deodorizer and a gelitanizer that will turn 1/2–Gallon of liquid waste into a gel for easy disposal in biohazard bag
  • Removable toilet seat
  • Lightweight and durable

Undead-Earth Survival Gear List 2016

DaySurvival GearCategory
Survival Day 18Emergency Bucket ToiletSurvival Gear / Hunting / Camping
Survival Day 17Solo Stove & 2 Pot Set ComboSurvival Gear / Camping
Survival Day 16Leatherman With SheathTools / Camping / Hunting
Survival Day 1521 Inch Expandable BatonWeapons / Survival Gear
Survival Day 14MOLLE Assault VestSurvival Clothing / Survival Gear
Survival Day 13Cold Steel Brooklyn SmasherWeapons / Vehicle Gear
Survival Day 12Utility SledCold Weather Gear / Hunting
Survival Day 11Knee High Wool Winter/Ski SockSurvival Clothing / Camping / Hunting
Survival Day 10BPA Free 55-gallon Water BarrelFood / Bolt Hole Stuff / Critical Item
Survival Day 9Heavy Duty Machete With "D" Black HandleWeapon / Camping
Survival Day 8Solar Hand Crank Radio, LED Flashlight, Phone ChargerBug Out Stuff
Survival Day 7LifeStraw Personal Water FilterCritical Item / Bug Out Stuff / Food
Survival Day 6Emergency Food RationsBug Out Stuff / Food
Survival Day 5Fire StarterBug Out Stuff / Camping
Survival Day 48-Pound Double Faced Sledge HammerBug Out Stuff / Vehicle Gear
Survival Day 3Folding Knife With Steel BladeBug Out Stuff / Weapons
Survival Day 2Outdoor Gear Assault PackBug Out Stuff
Survival Day 1Brown RiceFood
365 Days Of Undead-Earth Survival Gear
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