The Dead 2: India (2015)

The Dead 2: India starts with a few subtle reminders that everything is not alright with the world. A sickly looking man walks woodenly through the streets holding his arm and we hear that some odd infection is sweeping through Africa. So far India doesn’t appear to have been hit, but its about to be.

A family out in the middle of nowhere is morning the loss of a loved one, at least until a bunch of the undead interrupt dinner and turn the family into the meal.

We then cut the main character, Nicholas, an American working on wind turbines who appears to be working out in the boonies. As he’s at the top of a windmill fixing something he calls his beautiful Indian girlfriend, Ishani. She’s in the hospital but the ER is flooded with bitten people. He finds out she’s pregnant just before all hell breaks loose. He sees someone get attacked from a distance just as the ER overflows and the outbreak starts to really rage. His girlfriend makes it home only to find her mom has been bitten and her traditional Indian father doesn’t approve of her relationship with Nicholas.

This kicks off The Dead 2: India nicely. Nicholas is 300 miles away, his girlfriend is pregnant, and he has to save her from the zombie hordes raging around them as well as face her father.

The Dead 2 isn’t a groundbreaking new take on the zombie genre, but it is true to itself, well acted, and the relationship between Nicholas and Ishani makes the movie more than just a hack and slash to whatever dream of safety the people have. Throw in a cute kid as Nicholas’s guide and you aren’t just cheering for the hero to save his love interest anymore.

The fight scenes were well done and the special effects are just right for the movie. It all fits together nicely. Its a very watchable popcorn zombie movie  (Meaning you can watch it and eat some popcorn and enjoy it for what it is – a good zombie flick.)

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