Teen Wolf Season 4 – Episode 4

Episode  4, The Benefactor


If you haven’t already watched the first three seasons its time now.  It’s an amazingly well done show. Go watch Season 1Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. They are well worth seeing.

Episode 4 kicks off with the aftermath of the Wendigo trying to kill Liam. Sherif Stilinski is on the roof and Derek is trying to help him figure out what is going on. Liam on the other hand is taped up and lying in Scott’s tub. Scott is trying to figure out how to tell him what the bite means and calls Stiles for help. Things don’t go so well though, and Liam escapes.

While this is going on Peter goes back to his place to look for Derek, but only finds the voiceless ax murderer, who rapidly greets him with a sharp object.2014_TeenWolf_S4_E4_HaleAxed

Peter lives, but the ax had wolfsbane on it and Derek is forced to use a blow torch to cleanse the wound.

Team wolf decides they have to trick Liam somewhere they can safely trap/talk to him. They use Kira to lure him out to her grandma’s lake house but on the way the moon comes up and Liam is having a hard time not wolfing out. They make it to the party and Team Wolf tells Liam it is kind of an intervention. Unfortunately Liam told his friends about the “party” and Lydia is forced to entertain while the wolves all flee to hide what is going on.


Back at the Sheriff’s office the deputy hits on the fact that the ax is actually a tomahawk and it is probably military gear, as well as the wrist watch that the mouth-less thing is using that Peter was able to take from it when they were fighting.

At the party Lydia is freaking out that the freshman are destroying her parent’s lake house and then the beer guy shows up – who just happens to be a were creature as well.  And then we get a little twist. He gets his head cut off with a fire garrote and then his killer heads back into the house and we find out the “Benefactor” has hired Liams friend and his friend’s girlfriend to kill changers. So now Team Wolf has bad hunters right in their midst it looks like.

Poor Lydia tries to keep her parent’s house in good order and we find out they must be having money trouble because she says they need every penny when they sell it. Then she spills some wine and goes a little crazy, hearing voices and seeing faces coming from the walls.



Meanwhile back at the school Derek and Sheriff Stilinski are investigating the school because that is where the bad guy’s glove connected to wifi. They find some blood, and then claymores set up to trap them before just barely not getting impaled with another thrown tomahawk. Derek pins the bad guy without a mouth and the Sheriff uses his pistol to make him freeze.2014_TeenWolf_S4_E4_NoMouth

But then Peter comes and rips the bad bad guy to shreds.

In the basement Malia breaks free but Stiles is able to tame her with his love – which was very sweet.

Out on the dock Liam wakes up as Scott and Kira are dancing and quickly breaks free of his chains as well. I think it was a bad night for restraint quality. Of course Liam escapes, and then gets Scott onto the ground and almost takes his head off with his claws before Mr. Archer shows up and saves Scott with an electricity arrow. Thanks to Mr. Archer Scott traps Liam again and breaks the news that he is now a wolf.

The episode ends with Lydia and Kira using the code that Lydia heard when she was going nuts and using it to unlock a kill list of all the supernatural creatures in town – and of course all of the Team Wolf members are on it.2014_TeenWolf_S4_E4_KillList

Things I loved about this episode…

  • Stiles & Scott pulling the shower curtain back and Liam is in the tub wrapped up in duct tape.2014_TeenWolf_S4_E4_LIamTub
  • Stiles telling Malia he is going to stay with her, even as she is changing and getting a little violent. He loves her!
  • Sheriff  Stilinski – “I’ve seen enough in this school to come in with my gun out.” Or something to that effect. But it was funny and awesome at the same time.

Things that I didn’t like about this episode…

  • A just bit Liam is stronger than Scott? Come on, can Scott ever win any physical altercation?
  • Can Scott be stronger than someone just once? Liam just got turned but he knocks Scott down and almost takes him out with claws? Really, isn’t Scott his alpha? Wouldn’t he have to do what Scott says?

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Income Inequality

The wealth gap keeps getting worse. The top 1% made 20% of the total income last year.  But anyone saying we need to pay living wages and tax the rich more is Satan right?

The rich keep getting more and more tax cuts while the working poor keep getting their services cut. Hmmm, I wonder what the long term impact of this could be?

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Monday – You’ve Survived 29 Mondays This Year So Far

Monday again?


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Hot Zombies – Ballerina Edition

The arts are important – even for the undead…


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Creepy Stuff Kids Have Said

I see dead people…


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Rep. Luis Gutierrez Tells The Truth About Immigration “Crisis”

When you hear the comparisons and the actual math, it is clear we are doing more – and that we need to do more. Also that some people are just playing politics with the issue.

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TWD – How We Miss You You!

Another Sunday without The Walking Dead.

We all miss you.


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My Team – Long Range Support

The zombies come this girl is on my team. She can cover me while I move any day.


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250 Mile Badge

Okay, for all you young and fit people, this is probably silly, but for the aged (like me), who had back surgery in March and who has been working to get healthier (in preparation for the zombie apocalypse) the Fitbit has been an awesome tool to keep me motivated and working.

I got my Fitbit as a like Kmiss present (was on backorder) and started using it in Jan – then took a 6 to 8 week break from wearing it after I had my spine surgery. I was on back mostly so I figured it didn’t really measure much.  Now that I’m mobile again I am trying to lose weight and get healthy again.

As a side note, I just walked my first mile on the treadmill since my surgery. (Like an idiot I tried to get on it a few weeks post surgery and was told to wait until Sept 1st.  I know, I know, I am still early, but way better than the week post op!)

Anyway, I love my Fitbit.


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BIll Maher & Zombie Lies

Bill Maher tells the truth.

Got to love “Observable Reality”. Its when facts actually alter your talking points – if you’re sane.

Otherwise, you get Zombie Lies…

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