TWD – Season 5 Lego Trailer

Awesome Lego Season 5 Trailer.  Well done sir, well done.

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Raise The Minimum Wage

Corporations are making more money than ever before but wages are falling and the middle class is shrinking. Guess what rich guys, if people don’t have money to buy your goods, eventually you lose to.

Raise the minimum wage, support a living wage.  The term “working poor” shouldn’t exist.


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Huge Croc Chases Swimmer In Mexico

My brother told me about this and he wasn’t kidding. That is one massive crocodile. When its body comes up and is fully visible it is really impressive. I’m glad the swimmer got away, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Whoever threw something in to distract the croc near the end saved his life.

FYI, turn down your sound, there is a ton of wind noise from wherever the footage was taken.

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Saturday Movie – Three Amigos (1986)

Today’s Saturday movie is a throwback to the 80s, but I think Three Amigos holds up well. It’s over the top, funny, and non stop. Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short work well together and keep the laughs coming.

Three Amigos has a wonderful mix of over the top funny mixed in with just the right amount of subtle that makes the movie awesome to watch again after a few years of letting it sit on the shelves.


Watching the Three Amigos takes me back to my younger days, and it makes me laugh so hard tears come out of my eyes. So I hope you enjoy this Saturday’s pick.  The Three Amigos salute you…2014_Saturday_Mov_ThreeAmigosSalute

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Parenting Fail – Monsters In The Closet

I used to want to say this to my boys, but I didn’t.


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Hot Zombies – Amazing

This is one hell of an amazing zombie. She might just cost someone their life when the pause for that split second to look at her when they should be pulling the trigger.


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Best New Zombie Books

Read the best new Zombie Series of the year!!!


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Friday – You Deserve A Shot

You made it through another week, you deserve a shot.


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Scary Clown & Scarier Clown

Holy crap, that made me stop and think about it.

Let’s put a dollar surcharge on all fried food and ice cream and the money goes to pay for universal healthcare!

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My Team – Takes A Lick’n & Keeps On Tick’n

Look, this is the type of person you need for your zombie apocalypse team. Someone who falls down and gets right back up (not as the undead) and doesn’t le a few scrapes and some blood keep them down.


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