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Balls Of Steel


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Today’s Ass Hat Award

Today’s AssHat award goes to Mike Huckabee, what a narrow minded fool.

Let’s take a run through his points and really think about them.

Statement 1 – Do we really want a government that uses weapons to “threaten” a man (Cliven Bundy) over some cattle eating grass. Let’s be very clear about what is happening in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been litigating his grazing since the 1980′s. They used every other mechanism they had to try and find a solution with Mr. Bundy. But he is refuses to comply with the law because his family has been there since the 1800′s.  I think the cows should have just been shot where they were and dragged back onto his land. And I don’t think the BLM should have backed down – which they did because the nuts calling themselves militia showed up because of the “Tyranny”. Guess what, if I get a parking ticket for parking in front of the fire hydrant in front of my house and don’t pay my tickets or who up to court for 20 years, eventually someone is going to knock on my door and try to put some cuffs on me – or tow my car.  It’s called the rule of law. And if we let some people ignore it, everything falls apart. This isn’t infringement on Mr. Bundy’s rights. This is him cheating taxpayers out of grazing fees that every other cattleman has to pay if they use federal lands. End of story.

Statement 2 – We gave guns to Mexican drug lords to use to kill Americans. The ATF “Fast & Furious” scandal occurred from 2006 to 2011 and basically was a program to allow gun purchases to known bad guys in the hopes of tracing those weapons as they showed up in crimes. Which they did, including in the death of a Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, who was killed in December 2010. The program was flawed, but does anyone think that if those purchases had not occurred under the program that they just wouldn’t have happened? The bad guys wanted guns. They got them. People got hurt. But to say that they would still be alive except for the “Fast & Furious” scandal is just blame mongering. Those some bad guys would have gotten their weapons somewhere else. The ATF program was flawed and had bad controls and policies in place, but it didn’t change what would have happened in the end.

Statement 3 – Benghazi was avoidable and the current administration ignored calls for help. This is an outright lie and I wish there was some form of slander that could be claimed against Mike Huckabee and others who repeat these lies. Let’s start with some basic facts. Congress cut the funding for security at all embassies. Its a fact, yet no one seems to be jumping up and down that our representatives cut the security budget. Why not? Doesn’t that make them partially to blame? The crazy conspiracy nuts would like you to believe we that the military was not allowed to “go in” for the rescue, which the Pentagon flatly denies and there is no proof at all. The only thing the nuts have to stand on is a few missed calls, all of which were to non military staff – and the security detail had already escalated the situation through military channels. The nuts would like to pin the “delayed” response on staffers and politicians not picking up their phones within a minute of the first calls. And in any case, the drones which were available were already being tasked to give support where they could. The last fact is that Diplomat Stevens twice refused extra security – which directly impacted his survival. General Ham twice asked Stevens if he wanted more security, which was denied. It is sad and horrible that people died, but they were in a dangerous locale and new the possible risks. For the nuts out there, why aren’t you screaming about the 50+ people who died under the last administration at our embassies? Oh – that’s because this really isn’t about a scandal, its about being a complete Ass Hat and trying to attack the “other” team. Sadly, they forget we are all on the same team and they are tearing this country apart.

Statement 4 – The Mozilla CEO should be able to have his free speech. Guess what? He did, and no one forced him to resign, at least no one in the public. The board at Mozilla could have kept him on – but made a decision based on what was going on that it would be best if the CEO resigned, and or he made the decision himself. No one in the public “made him” step down. They could have taken the heat, but decided to fold. The people in California – a state I hate – may be fickle, crazy, and self centered, but they also had the right to protest the man’s elevation to CEO. The company could have played their cards very differently, but everyone in the end had their voice – which is what I think makes this nation what it is. The Mozilla CEO had his voice, and the people had theirs. And in the end the likely deciding voice was the board at Mozilla who decided it wasn’t worth the fight.  But no one’s free speech was impinged upon.

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Hot Zombie


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Gun Facts 3


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Saturday Movie – Serenity (2005)

If you haven’t already seen Serenity you are missing out an an awesome movie that exceeds any of the Star Wars movies (in my humble opinion). The movie was made after the TV show was nixed after a single season, which still dumbfounds me, and was made to “close the loop” on the story of the Serenity and its crew as they try to evade an assassin sent to capture River Tam after she is rescued from a government research center by her brother.


 Her escape kicks off a manhunt that leads the fearless Captain Malcolm Reynolds to rescue a previous member of his crew from the assassin.




The crew is hunted and eventually forced into a showdown that pulls all the loose strings together. We also get to see the awesome reveal of River’s combat abilities.

You can’t lose with Serenity tonight.


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My Team


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Best New Zombie Books

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