Getting Out of Jersey – Chapter 1

Excerpt from Getting Out of Jersey…Undead-Earth Book 1

On official U.S.M.C. medical documents I was listed as Daniel Ryan, formal diagnosis of 309.81, or post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, whichever nomenclature the psychiatrist decided to write on the form that day.  The four little words bothered me deeply.  To think that a string of numbers or letters could categorize me so easily offended my sensibilities – especially when I disagreed with the diagnosis.  Post traumatic stress disorder implied what I was thinking or feeling was flawed, that my memories and feelings were corrupted by the events of the past.   

I didn’t believe that.  The memories were so real, the nightmares bordering on hallucinations as they replayed themselves in my dreams.  As sleep took me deeper into its darkness my memories started to break through the conscious barriers my therapists had worked so hard to put in place.

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Getting Out of Jersey – Prologue

The opening scenes from Getting Out of Jersey are a bit dark, but I think they convey the main characters state of mind very well…


My thoughts that morning were like large dark clouds, and as I ran they coalesced, slowly pulling into a tighter and tighter ball, leaving no room for the light.  It was time, I was going to take my own life, the only thing holding me to this place was my father.  It would destroy him, and yet I couldn’t deny it any longer, I just couldn’t take the pain and depression gnawing away at me day by day, leaving my nerves shredded and exposed to the world.

I wanted to put the hard metal barrel of a gun in my mouth, I always felt better when I was holding a gun, it felt natural for me to take my life with a weapon I’d been trained to use so well, had used so well.  But the thought of my father finding my brains all over the walls of his house stopped me.  He was going on vacation soon, and although I didn’t like the idea, I would have to break into his study, I knew he kept a medical bag locked away in there.  For some reason I didn’t think it would be quite as traumatic if he found my body with a needle hanging from my arm.   

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Dakota Fire Hole

So Santa brought you most of your Undead Christmas presents and and you survived the imediate destruction as the world implodes.

You’ve got some supplies, but you’ve made it outside of the city limits and your pretty certain the woods are empty.  The safest camp fire you can build when your trying to stay low key is the Dakota Fire Hole.  The design allows for minimal smoke due to the increased temperatures the wood burns at as well as reducing the visible light signature by putting the flames below ground level. 


The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 25

For the final day of Undead Christmas I want my ultimate present:  The HK MP7A1.

The MP7A1 is a versatile weapon, it’s small enough to carry easily but gives you the ability to engage targets which are further out while using the retractable stock and foregrip to add stability.  The Walther P99 on my list earlier are great, but they don’t provide the rapid fire stability the MP7A1 does, nor do they have the capacity to take a 40 round magazine. 

Your friends are at the end of the block raiding a stationary store for toilet paper, and your on the second floor of an office building watching as the undead start to poor out of the surrounding buildings.  With the MP7A1 your goign to be able reach out and effectively start to pop heads off without having to get close enough for your pistols to be effective. 

The weapon might be harder to get, but this is the ultimate undead killer.

Infection Model

The following model uses Philadephia and a cross country passenger who is infected before landing in San Francisco.

I’m still crunching the numbers, but it looks like with a moderately high infection rate the states will be decimated in less than sixty days.

The center of the country survives the longest, but I haven’t modeled a travel model or US military response to the infection yet.  The coasts will most likely be nuked once the military realizes they can’t control the undead outbreak before it spreads via normal containment mechanisms.  I’ll model a few scenario’s of varying responses and see how it comes out, but in any case, the highest population centers are going to be munched on by the undead first.

I hope Santa brings you a few of the undead fighting items you’ve asked for.

The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 24

For the twentyfourth of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want ten sections of quarter inch steel cable with looped ends cut into five foot lengths.

Its small, light, and incredibly strong, and has a dozen uses.

The undead aren’t very cordinated, a length of this between two trees or a doorway will buy you time. 

Have fun on heavily travelled routes, string nooses up at different heights and see who can bag the most zombies.

Hold doors closed.

Tie up the hot chick survivor who’s been looking at you all day. (But only if she consents first.)

Philadelphia, PA Volume 1.4

Tim was a bit of a recluse.

He didn’t realize something was wrong until much later than most people. He sat in his small bedroom slash office on the second floor of his grandmother’s house and played computer games. Every now and then he’d boil water in his microwave – it sat on the bookshelf next to his bed – and eat a cup of noodles or can of ravioli.

He was proud of the bookshelf slash microwave stand. He’d drilled the hole in the back of the old wooden bookcase himself. It was the little victories that Tim liked to celebrate.
It wasn’t until the power flickered and died that he realized something was wrong. And even then it took him a few minutes, sitting his chair waiting for the power to come back on before he got up. His skin was greasy, and his hair was a mess, and he probably smelled, but he didn’t care. The goddamn power hadn’t come back on.

Something was wrong.

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The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 23

For the twenty third of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want a set of climbing spikes.

Think of all the uses.  If you’re lucky enough to be in a group of other survivors you can climb a tree to watch the girls bathing down by the river.  Oh, and they can keep you alive too.

When your stuck in the woods and you know their are undead about and you need to get some sleep you can take these babies out and climb into a tree.  With a little rope and some knots you can fall fast asleep while hugging some bark. 

Good times.

They also come in handy if you find yourself surrounded in a city.  Bolt up a telephone pole and use your Rino GPS/Radio to call for help.

A must have for the undead survival expert.

PS. Make sure you get aluminum units so they are light.

The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 22

For the twenty second of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want packets of Quick Clot.

This is awesome stuff.  Like the ITS pants, there are a couple of useful scenarios where this stuff comes into play.

Scenario one is you’re a dumb ass.  You slip and fall as you’re climbing through a broken window and open up an artery.  Quick clot to the rescue.  It stings like a son-of-a-b*tch but it stops the bleeding almost instantly.

The second, and more likely is that a few of the undead get a hold of one of your limbs.  They don’t get teeth on you but they tear one of your limbs off as your buddies and the undead play tug of war.  With a few packets of quickclot you might get the chance to be called stumpie instead of dead.