Garden City, Iowa – Volume 1.1

Garden City, Iowa
Hmm the snow shows they have been around but where are they now…

Claire peered down the scope of her dad’s old deer rifle.  She could see fresh tracks in the light snow.  She scoped them up to and around the edge of the old red barn across the yard. 

She had been visiting her parents when it happened.  They were so happy to see her home, away from the dangerous big city. Her parents were both in their late 50’s. They died so fast which was bad and then it got so much worse.
those clumping feet on the porch at night aren’t my Dad coming in from the barn , it’s not him it’s…the…the..things. I  am not calling them zombies – this is not some b horror movie where it all gets better in 90 minutes it’s been almost a week since they started to.. to…come back

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