Getting Out of Jersey – Prologue

The opening scenes from Getting Out of Jersey are a bit dark, but I think they convey the main characters state of mind very well…


My thoughts that morning were like large dark clouds, and as I ran they coalesced, slowly pulling into a tighter and tighter ball, leaving no room for the light.  It was time, I was going to take my own life, the only thing holding me to this place was my father.  It would destroy him, and yet I couldn’t deny it any longer, I just couldn’t take the pain and depression gnawing away at me day by day, leaving my nerves shredded and exposed to the world.

I wanted to put the hard metal barrel of a gun in my mouth, I always felt better when I was holding a gun, it felt natural for me to take my life with a weapon I’d been trained to use so well, had used so well.  But the thought of my father finding my brains all over the walls of his house stopped me.  He was going on vacation soon, and although I didn’t like the idea, I would have to break into his study, I knew he kept a medical bag locked away in there.  For some reason I didn’t think it would be quite as traumatic if he found my body with a needle hanging from my arm.   

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