November 1, 2010

We successfully completed our Halloween adventure last night. It was scary to see how many houses in the neighborhood were empty and how many people didn’t have any lights on or candy for the kids. Hopefully things were start to turn around and next year will be better for everyone.

Up to pg 72 out of 200 on edits. Delaware Sucks is about 100k words long, so I am still short of halfway done. Hopefully I’ll still make my Dec publishing date. Still not sure about the title. Please let me know if you have any good ideas. So far I only have one decent entry for the Art Contest, but it’s really not up to production quality. If I don’t get anything usable I’ll go with art and send the best of the submissions the machete with the logo on it as a thank you present.

Very excited that “The Walking Dead” episode 1 is downloading on Itunes right now. Going to watch it with my older son tonight.