October 30, 2010

So I thought I would just start to post feedback and replies versus trying to reply to emails since a good bit of them have similar comments or might be interesting. Please keep the comments coming, the feedback on specific bits of the storyline (and not to mention typos) is very helpful. I will put a thank you and your name in the next revision for any changes I make based on your input.

Changes to the site: Thank you to Mike C. for pointing out that he didn’t think the top ten survival tips should be on the main page. I had to agree with him that it might give the new visitor the impression this is just a hack and slash zombie book.

Thank you to Jay for suggesting the 2005 Australian “Undead” movie. The zombie fish were awesome. I watched it with my sixteen year old and it had us both laughing uncontrollably. My son made a strange whoot noise when the acid started to eat off the main female characters clothes, but he assured me it was just a pretzel bite lodged in his airway.