Survival after the Zombie Apocalypse – Final Jump

So you’ve survived the first, and most acutely dangerous First Jump and have patiently stood by while the  world ended.

But your supplies are starting to run low and the empty five gallon paint buckets aren’t empty any longer, and its starting to get a little rank in your hidey hole.

You watch the street, and listen.  Is there still distant gunfire now and then?  Or even worse, a few survivors trying to run for it?  Then stick it out a little longer.  The undead are a lot like chihuahuas on meth, so you want to let them chill out before making your Final Jump.  They will be more dangerous when they’ve been hunting and are hyper aware. 

Okay – so its been quiet, and you picked your First Jump location well, someplace outside the city where there weren’t hundreds of thousands of undead crowding the streets to begin with.  Anyone stuck in the city is going to be die of thirst and starvation if they don’t just jump from the roof in desperation.

Imagine you have a box of ping pong balls and you dump them on an empty table.  They are going to bounce around and collide off each other, but if you let them settle they will gradually move away from the center of the table and fall of the edge.  Now do the same experiment, but tape boxes all over the table top before you dump the balls.  Unlike the experiment with the clear table, many more of the ping pong balls are going to be left on the table with lots of obstacles on it.

You can think of the undead in a very similar way.  When they don’t have something to chase, they will wander around until they hit an obstacle, and eventually come to a halt until something stirs them up again.  Cities are going to be natural traps for the undead, and for anyone stuck inside them. 

That’s why you chose a First Jump point away from the city, so when it all settled down you would be in a much better place to escape from.

Okay, the next part is gonna suck. 

No cars, no motorbikes, nothing that makes noise.  A bicycle is okay, but even the increased motion from it may cause you to stir up more than you want, but at least its quiet. 

Your going to start walking.   You’ve picked a Final Jump Point somewhere out in the boonies, maybe even scoped it out a few times, picking a farmhouse with lots of land around it, or better yet, one with a nice stone wall closing it in.

Critical factors in choosing the site:

  • Needs to have access to nearby water
  • Fruit tree is a bonus if your in the right climate
  • Must be a well built building

Coming Next…Defense and Scavenging

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