Survival after the Zombie Apocalypse Starts – Pick Your Emergency Jump Point

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So you’ve listened to the radio and watched as reports of riots slowly turned into disturbing reports of strong military response and martial law as they try and isolate the infected areas. You’ve kept your ready bag packed and its time to go, other people, less prepared, but frightened by the strange news, are flooding the streets, already the highways are jammed.

Its time to make your first jump to your emergency location.

But how did you pick the emergency jump point?

  • It has to be close enough to reach in a days effort – assume the best speed you’re going to make is on a motorbike, but its safer to bet you’ll be walking.  People aren’t going to pull you off your feet to steal your shoes (yet) but they just might pull you off your motorbike if they are scared enough.
  • It has to be defensible, and preferably has some supplies stockpiles.  Don’t think your local supermarket, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or CostCo’s is the place to go.  They will be the first place to be looted in the crossover days, when the undead are claiming complete control but there are still a fair number of people fighting for their lives.
  • Forget about the local prison.  While it is designed to keep people in and to a fair degree, out – its full of poeple in cells who will do just about anything once the guards flee.  Unless your willing to watch them starve, and live with the smell, this is a really bad idea.  I would imagine the smell of rotting meat would bring a few hungry undead to your door.
  • Your best bet is to keep it simple.  It should be a two story building, with as much space around it as possible. You want to see what’s coming at you.  No row homes, the walls are drywall and some insulation, the undead will go right through it.
  • If you can, take down the stairs, but don’t do it if there is a risk you will be heard.  Its no good if your “safe” but surrounded by the undead.  The goal of the Emergency Jump Point is to stay unnoticed and survive the flash of chaos while most of the survivors kill each other and get eaten. 

If you can scope out the location and leave supplies there, remember to keep the following on hand:

  • A powerful cordless drill and multiple battery packs.  Buy the contracters kit if you can so you can leave the extra batteries on the charger and ready to go when the power dies.
  •  Boxes of three inch screws.  Trust me, this is quieter than hammering.
  • A pile of two by fours and a pile of pre cut pieces wide enough to cover your windows.  If your really well prepared you can make “storm shutters” to screw over the windows made out of plywood.  But remember to bold all this on the inside and try to keep the outside looking as normal as possible.  You don’t want to attract a horde of survivors to eat your food.
  • If you can keep guns onhand, these are always a bonus item

Coming next…your Final Jump Point

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