Survival after the Zombie Apocalypse Starts – Prepare

Awareness is your first and most important survival tool.

A large portion of those who could have survived won’t because they will shrug off the early signs.  Reports of small riots followed by military response is a sure first sign its coming.  Listen to the radio, its less controlled then televsion and your more likely to get early hints of badness.  Make sure you have a portable radio with lots of batteries, or better yet, get yourself a hand crank unit. 

Make sure you have your survival kit ready.  Tell your friends you like to go hiking and play baseball on the spur of the moment, that’s why you keep a pack with freeze dried food with a baseball bat strapped to its side by the front door. 

Be ready to mobilize when needed.  Have a plan to get away from the population centers, and a back up plan.  If you live anywhere on the east or west coast your going to be shocked at how quickly the roads become impassable.  Your travel plan should consist of two phases.  Phase one is the emergency jump.  Where are you going to run to when the end starts.  This is where you need to be when the storm hits.  The human race is going to go out with a bang and you are going to be in just as much danger from other survivors as from the undead during the initial collapse.  Your emergency jump location needs to be close enough you can get to it in a reasonable amount of time, and you must be able to lock it down tight.  Phase two is the final jump.  After everyone who is going down easy is dead and the streets are quiet during the days, you need to quietly and carefully make your way to your final location.   Be ready to hump it, cars make a ton of noise, and the streets are going to be full of the vehicles how tried to flee too late – which leads to the next three points.

Get fit.  Your going to be carrying your supplies before too long.

Get fit. Your going to be swinging a baseball bat or an ax for survival.

Get fit. Watch Zombieland – movies sometimes have a bit of truth in them.  The fatties die first. 

Coming next…how do I choose my emergency jump location?

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