The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 13

For the thirteenth day of my 25 Undead Christmas presents I want an Optimus Single Burner Hiking Stove.

Its, small, light, and can burn anything from white gas, kerosene, diesel, to jet fuel so it will be relatively easy to get a ready fuel supply for some time. 

Psychologically there is something very important about having a hot meal, especially when it starts to get colder.  Take the lid off your can of soup and pop it right on top of the burner, and in under four minutes you will be eating hot food.  This is a very useful tool for when you can’t risk a fire because it will draw too much attention, and especially when your room hopping in a city looking for supplies.  You can’t build a fire on the thirtieth floor of a high rise to cook, but with this single burner stove your worries are over – well, except for the undead that is.

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