The 25 Days of Undead Christmas – Day 25

For the final day of Undead Christmas I want my ultimate present:  The HK MP7A1.

The MP7A1 is a versatile weapon, it’s small enough to carry easily but gives you the ability to engage targets which are further out while using the retractable stock and foregrip to add stability.  The Walther P99 on my list earlier are great, but they don’t provide the rapid fire stability the MP7A1 does, nor do they have the capacity to take a 40 round magazine. 

Your friends are at the end of the block raiding a stationary store for toilet paper, and your on the second floor of an office building watching as the undead start to poor out of the surrounding buildings.  With the MP7A1 your goign to be able reach out and effectively start to pop heads off without having to get close enough for your pistols to be effective. 

The weapon might be harder to get, but this is the ultimate undead killer.

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