The Walking Dead – Episode 4

The Walking Dead just keeps getting stronger.

Even with a weak opening centered on the sisters talking about how thier dad gave them both what they needed growing up, the episode picked up from there and kept going. 

Glen gets abducted and Rick and the crew are forced to rescue him. Merle is on the loose, and the undead attack base camp.

Dale’s buddy turns out to be some kind of clairvoyant, seeing what is coming, and Amy goes down for the count on her birthday.

Where was the night watch?  Did it get forgotten because of the fish fry?

Did Merle lead he geeks back to base camp as revenge?

At the end, there is a scene from Episode five where Rick says they can’t kill someone who is still alive.  Who got bit and is the ticking time bomb?

Only two episodes left to go before the end of the season.

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