The Walking Dead – Episode 6

The sixth and final episode aired tonight. Is bitter sweet, couldn’t wait for it to come on but I’m dreading the wait until next year.

Can’t believe that Shane goes crazy and thinks that Lori is going to take him back. The wonders of alcohol.

So how creep is the CDC guy?

Love that Glen is so hung over at breakfast.  How many times have we all said “Don’t ever, ever, let me drink again.”

I don’t think that test subject 19 volunteered, do you?

Love the old guy Dale.  What happens when the clock reaches zero?  Facility wide decontamination.  That doesn’t sound ominous does it?

I bet there are dead people in the basement. Going once, twice, and I was wrong.

So the doctor locks them in? – Does he not want to die alone?  I am sitting here cursing the writers.  They better not leave it hanging until next year – I will be so mad. 

My older son thinks they all die and next season will be a new cast – I am hoping he’s wrong.  It won’t be the same without Rick.

Axes on a steel door?  Try cutting his toes off one at a time, then go for his fingers.  He’s a wuss, he’ll open the doors.  I would have thought that the redneck brother would have understood the basic brutal requirement to make him open the doors.

So he finally opens the doors and the two woman decide to stay.  I hope Dale makes it out.

Run Dale run – they just blew a hole in the glass.  Come on Andrea, don’t kill Dale as well as you.   Do they make it?  Run!!!!

Sweet, Dale made it.  So glad that Andrea didn’t kill him.

Best line from the creepy CDC dude: “This is our extinction event.” 

Was afraid about how they were going to end the season, but it was actually really good.   If it left them stuck in the CDC I would have cried.

So as they are driving away I couldn’t help but think that the open sided jeep is a really poor choice of vehicles when there are zombies about.  At least find one with hard sides. 

Looking forward to the next rainy day so I can sit down and watch the first season on itunes in one shot while curled up under a blanket on the couch.

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