The Walking Dead – Episode 3

Okay – who else almost cried when Rick finds his family and hugs his son?

My sixteen year old was punching me in the arm, mad that I was choking up during the scene. I’m sorry, if you have kids, the idea of finding our child alive afterall that just gets to you.

WTF Moments:

  • Everyone is just a bit too upset over Merle. If you’ve seen your friends and family die and then get eaten, or start to eat people, I think the way you value human life and risk takes on a new meaning. There is no way they would be going back to Atlanta to rescue Merle. I get that they need the guns and the walkie talkie, but it started with Merle and then Rick justifies it with the other stuff. Go hang a huge sign from the overpass to warn the guy who saved you in episode 1 – then find a nice little town and raid their sherif’s office.
  • Rick’s kid is okay with him leaving. There is just no way that could wouldn’t be a wreck. If I was Rick, I’d have a 36 inch rule. The kid isn’t getting out of my sight.
  • Ricks wife realizes that his partner lied to her about her husband being dead. Do you really start stubbing your friend’s partner a week or two after the world ended because you think he’s dead? What’s the appropriate mourning time in this scenario?

Can’t wait for episode 4, but sad the first season is only 6 episodes long.  Thankfully it already got picked up for a season 2.

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