The Walking Dead – Episode 5

Episode five starts just where the last episode left off.

The camp just repelled the geeks, Amy has died, and Jim has been bitten.

Rick wants to try and save Jim, which makes no sense to me. At least put him in a cage. I think that after seeing a few people get bit and turn, you’d be hyper cautious. No way you let someone who is bit stay in the RV without a gun on him the whole time. Come on. Tie him to the bed and make sure he can’t move his head too much.

My same general disbelief goes for Andrea and Amy. Amy starts to get up and everyone is just a little too calm.

Okay, back to the RV. They leave Jim in there with an unarmed woman? Arghhhh – I love the show, but the little things are driving me crazy.

I loved the scene in the woods where Shane has Rick in his sights and he pulls back and Dale is looking at him like he has two heads. Dale is clearly not convinced when Shane says they should wear reflective vests. Should he have mentioned it to Rick? If Rick knew Shane was tapping his wife when Dale told him this – what would he do?

When they are saying by to Jim I was cringing. Stop kissing and touching the infected dude.

How bad would it suck to be the CDC dude. Alone, stuck in the underground bunker thinking your the last living being on the planet. You think the dude would be a little quicker to let the other survivors inside.

Can’t wait to see the last episode of the season next week.

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