Undead (Zombie) Apocalypse Shopping List

Easy to print shopping list for each phase:

Prepare for the end:

Required Items:

  • Decent leather motorcycle jacket (they are vented so you won’t die to fast of heat prostration in the summer before the undead get to you)
  • Leather motorcycle gloves
  • Hiking boots (break them in, your going to be doing a lot of walking in them)
  • Two wooden baseball bats…they last longer than aluminum
  • Daypack
  • Bottles of water
  • Energy bars

Bonus Items:

All the items in the First Jump and Final Jump Site are bonus items, as you may or may not be able to stage the second two sites.

First Jump Site:

  • 18 Volt cordless drill
  • Spare batteries
  • Boxes of 2 inch screws
  • Boxes of 3 inch screws
  • Two by fours
  • Plywood cut to window size
  • MREs
  • Bottled water
  • 10 five gallon paint buckets with tightly sealing lids
  • Toilet paper

Final Jump Site:

  • Shotgun
  • Boxes of shells
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Boxes of ammunition
  • Boxes of nails
  • MREs
  • Bottled water
  • Toilet Paper
  • Water purification tablets (your so used to drinking clean chlorinated water that you are in for a real kick in the butt if you don’t ease yourself into drinking the normal stuff)

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