What is the best household melee weapon against the undead?

Assuming you have access to the normal household items, what is the best melee weapon to fight the undead?

  • Claw Hammer…it sounds like a great tool.  Easy to swing, everyone on the planet has used one.  The downside is the weight (not enough) and the claw.  Go buy a pigs head and see how many stroke it takes to crack the skull with the hammer, then dig in with the claw.  Your going to be pulled down before you take down the second zombie. 
  • Sledge Hammer…if the claw hammer is the “my porridge is too cold” side of hammers, then the sledge is the “my porridge is too hot” instance.  It will crush an undead skull to the brain stem with ease, but unless your built like Arnold Schwarzenegger this really isn’t a survival tool.  Its heavy to lug around, and is easy to lose control of.  If you think your man enough to use the sledge, take this test: 
    Line up ten watermelons at chest height.  Click the stopwatch (and please videotape and send this in) and go down the row.  If you can crush all the watermelons in under a minute with solid blows I will send you an Undead-Earth Machete.  (You must supply unedited video evidence.)
  • Baseball Bat…now we’re talking.  They are light, durable, and have good reach.  They are great blunt force trauma weapons and you can easily carry a backup without a weight penalty. My porridge is just right.

Post your comments and I’ll add to the list with anything good.

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