What is the overall best melee weapon against the undead?

What is the best overall melee weapon against the undead?

  • Katana…come on, most of them are cheaply made and unless you really know what your doing, its going to be useless.  I propose the same test as I did for the claw hammer.  Go to your butcher and get a pigs skull.   See how easy it is to cut into a skull with a katana.
  • Two handed broad sword…same basic comments as the katana.  You might be slightly better off because its heavier, but unless your a master swordsmen (and how many of you are out there?) I don’t think this is the best weapon for fighting the undead.
  • Mace…I like this one.  I like blunt force trauma when it comes to undead killing.  It minimizes the chance of cutting yourself (most knife fights leave the user cut up as well, even if they opponent is un-armed) so you reduce the chance of cutting and then infecting yourself.  The real deciding facter is how heavy it is, and how long it is.  See baseball bat and sledge for more information.
  • Hammer…nope, click to see complete post on the subject.
  • Sledge…nope, click to see complete post on the subject.
  • Baseball Bat…yep, click to see complete post on the subject.  As long as your mace is light and easy to use (like a baseball bat) you’ve got my vote.
  • Chainsaw… way too heavy, way too hard to kill the undead with.  You are just as likely to cut your own leg off.  Get real.
  • Golf Club…it will work if its all you’ve got, but you better carry your golf bag.  Golf clubs are basically one hit weapons.
  • Spear…a spear would only be good if you had a lot of people with them and you could use them to hold back a horde.  But as offensive weapons their main attack is peircing, which doesn’t do much to stop the zombie about to munch on you.
  • Hatchet…I lump the hatchet in the same boat as the hammer, if slightly more effective.  You can certainly cut into someones skull with one (who doesn’t remember that accident at boy scout camp) but you have to be close up, and if you hit too hard your going to get the blade bound in the head or neck.  Not the best weapon for undead killing in my book.
  • Axe…same thought process here as for the sledge.  It might be okay if your fighting one zombie, but not if you have to do any prolonged fighting.  Just too heavy and too dangerous to anyone who might be standing next to you.

Vote on the best or post new ones and I’ll add to the list.

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