Good Recommendation from John

A great video on how hard it is to get a head shot.

These were large watermelons and the “Zombie Fruit” were coming in at straight angles. Now imagine they are jerking all about and their heads are at all different heights. Even the guy with the shotgun got the last one when the last target was right in front of him.

It just highlights how hard shooting a real weapon and getting a head shot is. And that a shotgun is easier to use than a handgun.

So go buy yourself lots of ammo and six inch paper plates and practice, practice, practice.

I Know What I Said

Look, I know what I said. Swords are not the best weapons to fight the undead. 

Humans (the living kind) will back away from the edge of a blade flying through the air, giving you the space you need to continue swining. Where as the undead will just walk into your strike zone and continue pressing while you hack away.  This makes the length of a sword a liability. You have to have enough room to swing it to get a kill shot, and if the undead are closing on you this becomes more difficult.

Trust me, I’ve been there.  

All that being said, I want this sword…

Legal “Automatic” Rifle

After prohibition ended the congress passed the National Firearms Act or NFA in the hopes to restrict gangster style weapons. It restricts shotguns and rifles from having barrel of less than eighteen inches in length and creates categories for weapons to be broken into.

The one we are interested in is the “Machine Gun” classification. It states that any weapon than fires or is capable of firing more than one cartridge per trigger pull is a “Machine Gun”. It also states that any weapon that malfunctions in such a way as to fire more than one cartridge per trigger pull is a “Machine Gun”.

So legally it is very hard for a regular person to own a high fire rate weapon – until now. This is where “Bump Fire” comes into play. It can turn a fully legal rifle into basically a fully automatic rifle, which comes in very handy when the street is full of the undead.

But wait you ask – how does this work?

“Bump Fire” essentially puts a shock absorber in the stock which allows the gun to pulsate back and forth. By holding your finger in place, this pulsating effect pulls the trigger very rapidly, which is the key to passing the NFA rules. You are technically still pulling the trigger one time for each round, but you are doing it so fast it is essentially a fully automatic weapon.

What I like about the “Bump Fire” technology in this video is that you can lock the stock when you want very accurate single shot performance, and then quickly and easily switch to full auto by releasing the stock lock.

Zombie Cheerleader Camp

Zombie Cheerleader Camp – where we learn to kill.

Was anyone else’s camp like this? I do recall my camp counselors beating squirrels to death.

Zombie Snow – Movie Trailer

I just bought this movie on Itunes to watch this weekend. I’ll let you know if it was worth it after I watch it.

I’m hoping its as good as the trailer. It was apparently made in Norway but got some decent feedback on Itunes. Hopefully it will live up to its first impressions.

In Case of Zombies Part 1

I like the production values but I don’t agree with his choice in weapons. The finger/knuckle busters are a bad choice in my view. They restrict your motion and if they are what keeps your grip on the blade, your most likely going to have several broken fingers.

Plus, if your blade binds up on an undead spine, you want to be able to drop it and move to your backup weapon, not pull a finger off as I’m trying to free myself.

Same with the nail bat. Its slightly more usable because the knuckle guard is not broken down into individual finger holes.  But the nails are a really bad idea. They will get caught up on flesh and skin and clothing, and if you get a nice headshot in I’d give you a 50% chance of binding the nails into the bone.

Silencer? = Yes

So you’ve survived the fall of civilization and your wondering why you should know how a silencer functions and whether you need one.

Yes, and Yes…

If you don’t know how to maintain and possibly even build a silencer, you are going to get yourself in a fair bit of trouble.  You just get done ransacking a drug store for supplies, but it took you longer than you thought, and as you come out its getting dark, a several walkers are stumbling about.  They are in the way unless you are going to circle way around to get to your safe house.  But that puts you at even more danger because who knows what’s around the corner?

You can risk trying to chop them up with your machete, but that has it’s on hazards. You can easily pick them off with your side arm, but that will bring everything within earshot down on you.

Much better to play it safe and take a few silenced shots and move on.

Zombie Cats

Meow – Zombie Cats

Again, why?  I watched this sober, which was a mistake.  Maybe it makes more sense if you drink a bottle of tequila first.

Redneck Part V

The Kelly brothers have awesome skills, but I am COMPLETELY Lost.

The story just jumps around.

Ahhhhhhh….Its more scary than the zombies.