Period Survival Part II (Menstrual Cups)

Part II, because we care. (Inspired by Flitmouse)

Sorry Flit, but after you sent me the link to the video about home made tampons, I had to do a little further investigation. The menstrual cup sounds so much safer and healthier, plus you could easily store five or six of them and have a lifetimes supply tucked away.

I think they are more widely used in Europe, but I would recomend getting a couple and practicing so you have one less thing to worry about while trying to board up the windows.

Period Survival Part I (Tampons)

You know all the ladies are wondering what they are going to do once Walmart is shut down.

Thank you to Flitmouse for sending me the link.  I hope the unit on the left doesn’t actually fit anyone – I’m feeling quite small today.

It is a very real issue for you ladies once the end comes, and no matter how much you stockpile, you are going to run out.

They don’t really talk too much about the practical side of undead heavy flow days but I would recommend making a couple of these and maybe boiling and letting them dry between uses?

Obviously there are some health concerns, but once the undead start to bite people and you run out of disposables, you’re going to have to do something….

Shotgun Shell Candle

I liked the way it looked, and the fact that he doesn’t really stress not to use a live shell.

I guess its kinda implied, but people are stupid. Don’t use a LIVE SHELL!!!

Anyway, this is a simple memorial you can make after a hard day of zombie killing to remember all your friends who you had to put slugs into.

Be Prepared

What does being prepared really mean?

Clearly having the weapons is a first step, but it isn’t going to save you all by itself. That looks like a window with no boards on it? Do you see any plywood or nails stockpiled?

How about TP, water, food?

This Is Why Your Dead

This is why most of you are going to die when the undead come.

You are too dumb to actually vote for yourself. Goddamn millionaire getting a huge tax cut tells you that the reason the country is going under is that Democrats want to give old people and poor people medical coverage and people making less than 55K a year jump on board, too dumb to realize how they are getting F*ck*ed up the A*s by the republicans.

When the undead horde comes I’ll by blowing your undead heads off.

You get what you deserve, your too dumb to vote for your own best interests.

Stronger & Better

I promised stronger slingshots would be coming.

I don’t know what the lifespan on the slingshot rubber is, but I would have to imagine you can get quiet a few shots out of it if you don’t leave it stretched out for long periods of time.

The perfect weapon for smashing skulls quietly from long distances.

Thank you Jorge.

Easy Ammo Anyone?

Everything will run out!!!

It is just a simple fact. No more shaving cream, no more toilette paper, no more tampons, and worst of all, no more bullets.

It might be a few years, but eventually all the bullets will be lost.  That’s when a weapon like this will come into play, and I’d suggest practicing with one long before you need it.

It has a couple very practical advantages as well. its quiet, and you can use river stones of the right size and spherocity if you choose them carefully.

Range might be an issue, but I think Jorge can make it an even stronger ball shooter…

Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern (3 Out of 5 Graves)

Ryan Renolds plays the lead role in the new Green Lantern movie, playing the part of the wild and talented test pilot Hal Jordan.  When a cosmic evil is unlocked Hal is chosen by the ring to take up the ring, and the action just keeps rolling.

It was well worth the trip to the theatre with a decent plot and great visuals. So why did it score as a good but not awesome movie?

I’d have to say it was because of Ryan Renolds. He is such a strong lead that I think they fell back on that to carry them over a few minor but very fixable issues. Before Hal gets offered the ring, Abin Sur gets wounded then dies from an attack from Parralax.

Abin Sur was the original lantern who imprisoned Parralax, and yet he gets taken down within sixty seconds. It seemed a bit too fast. I would have expected Abin Sur to put up more of a fight.  I guess we were supposed to be distracted by Ryan Renolds abs and not think about it.

Which would have to go for the infected scientist as well. He’s infected with alien life and there isn’t a bio-hazard suite in sight? I know its nit picking, but it just took away from the movie.

All things being said, I wasn’t angry I spent money to see it in a theatre, which is a good thing, but it didn’t live up to the hype either.