Atlatl – Survival Tool

Survival, its about taking what comes and using what’s at hand to get by.

So while I know there are plenty of rounds stockpiled around the world, you may not always be able to get to them.  Be ready to use whatever you have to make a weapon.

Why I liked about the Atatl is that overall it is a very simple weapon, and yet it has amazing range and striking force.  The downside is that you do need a little skill to hit a target, but that can be overcome with a bit of practice.  Like everything else when it comes to survival in Undead-Earth, practice before the sh*t hits the fan.

Okay, on to the build.  The video is helpful, but he uses too many power tools.  Get yourself a good set of hand tools and you can do the same, but again, practice before you need the skill.

Oh, and the last bit of advice, don’t drill your finger hole so close to the stem of the Atlatl.  It creates a weak spot.  Drill it down further or leave a wider base there.


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