Attack The Block (2011)

Attack The Block (3 Out of 5 Graves)

This movie was born when the writer/director, Joe Cornish was mugged in  South London where he’d grown up.  He realized the youths doing the mugging appeared just as scared as he was, and that somehow turned into an alien movie. If I wasn’t such a strange soul myself, I might question the jump in logic.

The story has a very straightforward premise. Aliens have invaded and are attacking the housing block the young gang inhabits. Of course the young men consider the block “theirs” and feel they must defend it. They feel so strongly about the “feds” or the police, that they refuse to call them.  They ready themselves for battle. The logic may sound a bit crazy, who isn’t going to call the police for help when monsters are eating their friends? – but it somehow works enough here to get by, and this is in great part due to the work of John Boyega.  As the main character, John Boyega does an amazing job as Moses, and helps carry the movie through when a little intensity is needed.

The aliens look great, using the less is more theory. They have glowing teeth and deep black bodies, which works quite well, and I’m sure helped keep the budget down. Overall it was a solid movie, and if I had a “low budget” category it would have hit a 4 ranking.  I’ve seen a ton of movies that cost ninety million more and worked half as well.  Joe Cornish did an amazing job on his thirteen million dollar budget.

I am a bit concerned about Nick Frost though.  He’s always been a bigger guy, but in this movie he looks like he really let himself go, there is a disturbing scene where you can see his gut stretching out his shirt.  I’ve liked Nick ever since Shaun of the Dead and would really hate to see him destroy his health.