Battlefield 3 = Crapp (And That’s Being Kind)

After a long wait BF3 is finally here.

I struggled through downloading the Beta via the Origin client, which should have foretold what was too come. The Origin client is no Steam, and it is reason alone not to buy games that are only available on the Origin engine.

But, if the game had rocked, that would have made up for it.  Again, the Beta should have prepped me for what was to come. A game that would barely load on a monster machine with a good graphics card, 64bit windows premium, and tons of Ram, and it is housed in a browser window.  I don’t know why, but it just feels like crap.

I’m sure it allows them to reduce piracy somehow, but if it makes the game unplayable, who cares if anyone steals it? Your not going to be making any money.  I’m thinking about calling and trying to get my money back.

What a piece of crap.  And that’s being kind…