Choose the Right Vehicle for the Job

Even a well prepared undead survivalist can get caught with their guard down.

You’re at your in-laws for the holidays or you have to go out of town for work, and while your away from your secure nest outfitted with food and guns the outbreak starts, spreading rapidly through the streets.

Staying put until the worst of it burns out may not be an option if your family is back home or you think your chances of surviving in your current location are worse then trying to get moving.

So what do you do?

It depends a lot on where you are and what’s between you and your target destination.

Best Case Scenario – You’re out in the country and the land between you and “home” is fairly open farmland or other non forested land.

Vehicle Choice: 4×4 Truck

This is the best case scenario because you’ve got the ability to go off road if you need to, and the ground will let you use a fully enclosed 4×4 with a closed cab. Look for something with big tires and full time four wheel drive.

Mid Case Scenario – You’re out in the country but the ground is covered in woods and rough terrain.

Vehicle Choice: 4 Wheeler

This option will let you get through smaller trails a full sized truck couldn’t, while still giving you the forgiveness a four wheel platform provides. You can carry a decent amount of gear and still outrun the undead.

Worst Case Scenario – You’re in a well developed town or inside a city.

Vehicle Choice : Motocross Motercycle

Basically you’re screwed. The number of people around you his huge, and the streets are packed with undead and stalled out cars. Your only choice is to grab a cycle and wind your way out of town until you can get into more open country.  The motorcycle is the highest risk vehicle when the outbreak comes.  It’s easy to be pulled off the bike by groping hands, and that is only a small part of the danger.  Take a spill on blood soaked ground, or simply giver her too much gas, and you might be lying on the ground, bleeding and broken as the horde descends on you for an easy meal.