Cibola National Forest, NM Volume 1.6

Cibola National Forest, NM

“The trick is to snap off the point,” Karl said as he spun the handle on the vise. “If you leave too much of the point on it can bend on you and that is def something you don’t want to happen.”

“Def? What are you a 15 year old texter?,” John asked while looking at Karl’s rapidly graying hair.

“All the shit that has gone down and that’s what bugs you, my slang?”

“Yeah run that psycho-babble by me again – I’m probably just not confronting the present difficulties and am lashing out in the wrong direction bullshit bullshit bullshit.”

“You want to learn from my near lethal mistake or not kid?” Karl asked.

“Go on”

Karl held up his hand for silence and cocked his head, listening.



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