Crazy Enough To Survive

So clearly my buddy Jorge here would have the required skills to make himself a valuable member of whatever society is left. He knows how to do light manufacturing and can think outside the box.

However, I am concerned with this weapon and think the design could have been better.

Basic Design Issue – I don’t like the way the weapon is open at the back where if you misfire it could slide down into your hand or arms.

Basic Design Issue 2 – I don’t like the way he used the dowels to spike the saw blade.  I would have designed this so the blade lies flat on a “bed” and use a sled approach to the throw to keep the blade free of those large spindles, which slow it down.  I know Jorge fougth with the spin issue, but a small rail at the very end with rubber would do the same thing in my design.

All things being said though, I definetly want Jorge on my team when the end comes.