Debt Deal

I have to say I’m just disgusted with the current situation.

I find it really hard to believe that we cut 2 Trillion in spending but couldn’t increase taxes a dime on the super wealthy?  How did this congress vote to extend the Bush tax cuts on the ultra wealthy and then fight tooth and nail over raising the debt cieling.

God Damn Crooks.  I with the democrats would grow some balls and stand up for themselves.  I find it so hard to believe that people are voting against their own best interests. We rank 30th or higher on the scale for corporate taxes but the rethugs keep saying that raising taxes kills the economy and that we have such high taxes.  Which is such a crock.  Let’s talk about functional tax rates, not paper taxes.  Meaning what they actually pay after loop holes, not the % they pay on paper but never actually pay.

When the middle class can’t afford to go to the ER without losing their house to bankruptcy and old people can’t eat, then maybe “Joe the Plumber” will realize what a jackass he’s been by voting for the GOP.

Sorry, had to rant.

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