Drive (2011)

Drive (4 out of 5 Graves)

It’s clear the writer and director of this movie, Nicolas Winding Refn, was heavily influenced by his experience growing up in the United States during the eighties. Its clear the Copenhagen native fell in love with the decade’s filmography and styling, and he puts it to good use in the movie Drive.

If I didn’t know it was filmed last year, I could believe it was sitting on the shelf for almost three decades and just rediscovered, and I don’t mean it as a slight.

Ryan Gosling is scary as the calm, almost idiot savant driver. He leaves you wondering whether his placid outward demeanor is all just an act, or if the flashes of cold anger are the real him.  And the scorpion on his jacket reminds you that whatever is in your nature is what your going to end up acting upon.

So the question is, what was his nature?  The kind hearted soul who tries to help a mother and her child out? – or the cold blooded killer?

In the end I think it was played to perfection by Ryan Gosling, and I think the reality is that he is both.  They aren’t mutually exclusive.