Faster (2010)

Faster (4 out of 5 Graves)

Happiness is all about learning to love things what they are.  When you go get a burger enjoy the grease and the foil package. The bite of beef as the juices run into your mouth can be pure heaven – as long as that was what you were expecting.  If on the other hand you were looking for a waiter to bring your food on a silver tray and to hand you a leather bound notebook to select a bottle of wine from, your going to walk away a bit unhappy.

This is really important, because Faster should be taken for what it is. A fun ride on the vengeance coaster. Dwayne delivers on his part as a motivated killer, showing just enough morals to allow you to continue to root for him.

There were a couple small things that could have made this a 5/5 rating, but overall I felt like the money I spent was well worth it.  If you enjoy a good action movie with a minimal amount of plot, you’ll enjoy this movie just as much.