Full Metal Jacket Versus Hollow Point

It’s time to stock up on ammo.  What do you buy?

Let’s look at our options and compare Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds to Hallow Points.

First, let’s start with a review of the two in ballistics gel below.  Its very easy to see the difference in impacts the two types of rounds cause.  The FMJ has a much more narrow band of damage as it passes through the gel, but because it does not expand when it hits, does have better penetration.

I have a simple strategy.  I load my handguns with Hollow Points and my rifles with FMJ.  My reasoning is that if I’m using a pistol I am at close range, and everything may have turned to crap.  I don’t want to risk over penetration and hit someone who may be a friend behind the undead mailman trying to eat me.  Plus, with the damage pattern of the Hollow Point, I can be a bit off center and still get a kill shot.


Hollow Point: