Getting Out of Jersey – Chapter 4

Excerpt from Getting Out of Jersey…Undead-Earth Book 1

The diner was half filled with people sitting at the counter or in the booths, eating quietly. The place seemed hushed compared to its normal atmosphere.  I went to the counter and waited for Doris to grab my food from the kitchen.  She was the classic diner waitress, late middle aged with wide hips and big curls in her hair.  Her normally positive attitude seemed subdued though.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Do you know Mr. Frederick?”

I nodded.  He was one of the regulars at the diner, and by the looks of Doris, he must have passed away.  He would have been at least eighty.

“Well, he comes in here every day for coffee and usually for lunch or dinner.  When he didn’t come in I asked Dave, he’s Sandy’s son, to check on Mr. Frederick.  His house was empty and his back door was open.  They think he might have gotten confused and wandered off.  At least its summer,” she threw in.

“I hope they find him,” I told her, putting a ten down and grabbing my bag.

I paid more attention as I drove home, hoping my initial observation was just nerves, but it wasn’t.  Every third or so house was dark.  When I got back home I was mildly relieved to see most of the houses on my street with their lights on.  It didn’t make any logical sense, but there it was. 

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