Harder Than It Looks Part 1

If I had to sum up my best advice for surviving the zombie apocalypse it would be very simple.

“Be Prepared or Die.”

It’s a simple statement, but it means a lot. Things tend to be more difficult than people think because of what they see on TV and in movies. And that doesn’t even cover another major issue. People tend to think they can do a heck of a lot more than they really can.

Stay fit, excercize and practice under safe, supervised conditions. You never want to try any of this without a spotter to help you out if you get in trouble. (Having said that, don’t do anything you aren’t capable of doing which you might get hurt or killed doing – or you won’t even live to see the undead rise.)

Scenario – you’ve made it to a grocery store, but the horde has followed you to the door, and the pressure from behind is slowly making the glass pop and crackle. It is only a matter of time before they break through.

You rush to the rear of the store and find a fenced off trucking yard. The fence is tipped with razor wire, but there are undead around. If you go high they will definetly hear and see you on the chain link.

It is time to dig.

How long and how much effort would it take you to dig a hole large enough to scoot under? What if it were raining and the edges of the hole kept sliding in?

Harder Than It Looks…