John Avlon – JackAss or Just Vague?

So is John Avlon a JackAss or just Vague? I have to say, I really wonder.

He’s basically saying that Perry’s no details proposal of a flat tax is a wonderful idea, but like everything in life, the devil is in the details, and based on John’s comments later in the article, I would have to he falls firmly on the side of the JackAss.

John Avlon – “And while more Americans would pay taxes under this plan, by broadening the base, we would stop the potentially destabilizing dynamic under which nearly half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes.”

Does he really feel that broadening the tax base would help stop a destabilizing dynamic? So a family of four who make $30K per year are the reason this country is in trouble? But people making millions and paying almost nothing in capital gains should get a tax cut?

What an ass.  Those same families pays an average of $4590 in payroll taxes, not to mention all the taxes they pay on everything they buy.  It adds up to a huge percentage of their take home.

If you want a flat tax to work the only fair way to make it work is a tiered system, like John mentions later in the article, but he’s still a JackAss for his “destabilizing” comments.

Keep it simple, balance the budget, no excepts or loopholes for anyone for income taxes.

First 50K – No income tax

50K to 100K – You pay 15%

100K to 200K you Pay 25%

200K to 500K you pay 35%

500K and over you pay 40%

No exceptions, everything is income, whether it is a check from your job as a clerk or proceeds from the sale of stock.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of TJ Provost.