Keep the Undead Out of My House and Away From My Tacos

I get asked the question almost every day.

How do I secure my house so the undead can’t eat my Tacos? (Insert your favorite food item or loved one as you see fit)

The simple answer is that you have to be prepared, and like all things in life – its not free.  My favorite home improvement is armored rolling shutters.  There a ton of companies out there making and installing them, and they are worth their weight in gold when the sh#t hits the fan. Roll these babies down and you have a secure little nest that is not keeps the undead from coming through your windows and doors, but also blocks their view.

The undead are easily stimulated to attack by sight and sound.  What better way to quietly play scrabble until you run out of Tacos than to roll your shutters down, and sit out the storm for as long as you can.