Latrines Episode 1 – Bucket Toilet

It’s not a glamorous part of survival. But if you are still a breather, your also a pooper.

It’s a simple fact of life.  You’ve secured your doors, barred your windows, and planned for your supply of water and food.

The horde is eight deep outside, and your curled up with a copy of War and Peace, ready to read it from end to end – but your stomach is rolling over and over and the last time you flushed the water was no longer running and your afraid to use the loo for fear its just going to sit there.

You could empty the potted plant and use the planter, but its got drainage holes. Not the best plan.

Plan ahead – keep a few bucket toilets stacked in a closet.  You can snap them closed when full and throw them off the roof.

You get one point for every zombie that you get pudding on.