Latrines Episode 2 – Cat Hole

You’ve survived getting out of town and you’ve made it into woods.  You saw a group of undead scouts yesterday, but you think you’ve put enough distance between you and them to be safe for now.

But the breakfast burrito isn’t sitting well and your not going to make to too much further with stomach cramps.

A Cat Hole is a simple thing, but extremely important when you’re out in the open.  Dig  a pit a foot deep and as wide as your hand (or wider if your aim is bad or you’re some type of mutant) and leave the dirt at the back of the pit.

A Cat Hole is a single use pit.  Once you use it, use the dirt to fill in the hole.

Why? – You might ask?  The undead are hungry, and taking a crap against a tree might be quick and easy, but is it worth attracting the zombies when the wind shifts?

Take a few minutes to do it right and use a Cat Hole.