Latrines Episode 3 – Long Term Pit

So the final word on latrines…

I’m sure you’ve been dying in anticipation.

The key to a long term latrine is depth and size.  Taking the time to do it right will save you a ton of headaches later. The closer your latrine is going to be to your home site the deeper and better constructed your going your pit to be.

If you have limited protected space, your going to want to make your latrine inside that space, and that means building it correctly.

The key take away from the movie is the construction. Note how deep the pit is, and they are lining it with bricks mortared together to give it extra strength. (You don’t want it collapsing in on itself as it gets partially filled.

Also take note of the way they built the lid. Reinforce the concrete with re-bar for strength, and set several bricks down for the entry hole, and another for a vent that will go through your ceiling covering to vent the pit. (remember to use a cover on the vent pope so rain won’t flow in.

Then you can unbolt a john from any house and set it over your lid hole.

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