Legal “Automatic” Rifle

After prohibition ended the congress passed the National Firearms Act or NFA in the hopes to restrict gangster style weapons. It restricts shotguns and rifles from having barrel of less than eighteen inches in length and creates categories for weapons to be broken into.

The one we are interested in is the “Machine Gun” classification. It states that any weapon than fires or is capable of firing more than one cartridge per trigger pull is a “Machine Gun”. It also states that any weapon that malfunctions in such a way as to fire more than one cartridge per trigger pull is a “Machine Gun”.

So legally it is very hard for a regular person to own a high fire rate weapon – until now. This is where “Bump Fire” comes into play. It can turn a fully legal rifle into basically a fully automatic rifle, which comes in very handy when the street is full of the undead.

But wait you ask – how does this work?

“Bump Fire” essentially puts a shock absorber in the stock which allows the gun to pulsate back and forth. By holding your finger in place, this pulsating effect pulls the trigger very rapidly, which is the key to passing the NFA rules. You are technically still pulling the trigger one time for each round, but you are doing it so fast it is essentially a fully automatic weapon.

What I like about the “Bump Fire” technology in this video is that you can lock the stock when you want very accurate single shot performance, and then quickly and easily switch to full auto by releasing the stock lock.

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