Let’s OverAnalyze It!!!

AMC has some great marketing people.  They are treating fans of “The Walking Dead” series just like the crack heads we are (for our drug of choice that is) – dribbling out bits and pieces of Season 2, keeping us hooked, but barely alive.

I know they got caught by surprise by how much people liked the series and were banging their heads agains the wall that they only ordered six episodes of Season 1 – so now we all have to suffer!

But at least we are getting the drips and drabs slowly coming out via their fan page.  So let’s get to it.

First Level Observations:

  • Daryl is looking into the distance but does not feel immediately threatened.
  • Shane & Lori are holding back Carol back

Second Level Observations:

  • Daryl has arrows left, so he has offensive capability, if that was required.
  • Amy has nice hoots – even from a distance and in a crappy picture – wait, I meant Amy has blood all over her neck but no one is concerned so I don’t think she’s been bitten.
  • Rick is no where to be seen, which makes me wonder what he’s up to.
  • Carol looks upset, and we don’t see her daughter in the picture.  Is Sophia in trouble?
  • But if it is trouble I think it is bad – going back to Daryl, if there was a chance of saving the kids, wouldn’t he have a bolt in the crossbow and not be standing there watching?  He’s not in change the outcome mode, he’s in, watch the spectacle mode.

I guess we’ll have to wait for our next dose of crack, or maybe for the whole brick to be delivered before we know for sure.