May 21st – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

So as many of you are now aware, the end of the world is upon us today.

As with anytime a crazy person starts to argue or push a point, I have one question, “Do you have the strength of your convictions?”

Do they really believe what they are saying? If you do, put your money where your mouth is. How many of these people sold there homes in the last six months and sent the money to feed the starving?

Hoe many of the “believers” emptied their bank accounts to help those displaced by the floods?

There are tragic world events everyday, and some of these nuts will point to those and say “see, we told you it was the beginning of the end” – but where is the rapture?

I don’t believe it will happen, but if it does I’ve got my guns and machete ready.  I have no doubt I’ll be left behind to face the hordes of rising dead amid earthquakes and worse.  So I ask you who is a stronger believer in their values? The members of the end of the world cult who still have mortgages and life insurance for fifteen years from now? Or those of us who actually stockpile food and weapons for when the end does come?