Priest (2011)

Priest (2 Out of 5 Graves)

Not a single boob in this picture.  It may have helped to bump the rating up to a 3, but alas, the movie was formulic and while the fighting scenes were okay, there was way too much chatter between them.

Issues List:

  • Who designed the cheesy cycles?
  • Who designed the cheesy goggles?
  • Who designed the cheesy guns?

Spend less time on the cheese and put more energy into making a decent script.  The whole “I’ll kill her if she’s bitten” bullcrap was nonsense.  Of course he would have, and there was no reason for him to say it.

And the ending was a little lame.

Is Black hat dead? The war has just begun? I don’t mind a set up for a sequel but I do mind when the whole movie feels like the set up for that sequel.

Another movie I wanted so much more from – and just didn’t get it.  It could have been a gem…